Spanish Legislation about fertility treatments

Spain counts on one of the least restrictive legislations in fertility treatments compared to its European neighbours.

The current Spanish law, “LEY 14/2006, 26th of May”, allows the total anonymity of the gamete donor, therefore, its identity will never be revealed. The donation is an altruistic act in which the donor rejects any fatherhood rights.

According to the Spanish law, any lesbian couple is free to go through the ROPA Pregnancy in Spain no matter her nationality or marital status, only the previous consent of both parties is required, marriage is not required to go through an assisted reproductive treatment (ART).

The Spanish law recognizes also that the baby born through a ROPA pregnancy is determined to be the son/daughter of the lesbian couple who was having the fertility treatment. This norm only applies for Spanish citizens, for the rest of the countries it will depend on their regulations

Legislation on ART in Spain